Aegis Sciences announced the launch of KardiAssure, a first-of-its-kind urinalysis to help healthcare providers track cardiovascular medication adherence in their patients. 

KardiAssure is a non-invasive urinalysis that provides clinicians with data on patients’ adherence to over 50 cardiovascular drugs, including atorvastatin, metoprolol, valsartan, and benazepril. The test can be administered during a regular office visit; the urine sample is then sent to Aegis for testing with results available within 96 hours. 

The efficacy of using urinalysis to identify nonadherent patients with hypertension was evaluated in a study published in Hypertension (Gupta P, Patel P, Strauch B, et al; 2017)

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The researchers found that a majority of nonadherent patients who underwent repeat testing and treatment optimization were able to be converted to full adherence (80%).  

“If we can know when a hypertensive patient is not taking medications, we can then have the ‘why’ conversation. Or if we find patients are taking their medication but their blood pressure is not responding accordingly, we can explore different therapies to improve outcomes,” said Bryan Doherty, MD, cardiologist at Dickson Medical Associates and fellow of the American College of Cardiology.

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