MostCare PRAM Comparable to Fick Method in Cardiac Output Estimation

HealthDay News – The MostCare pressure recording analytical method (PRAM) is comparable to the Fick method of cardiac output estimation in pediatric patients, according to a study published online August 27 in Pediatric Anesthesia.

José M. Alonso-Iñigo, MD, PhD, from Hospital Clínico Universitario in Valencia, Spain, and colleagues conducted a single-center observational study involving 52 pediatric patients who underwent diagnostic right and left catheterization. Under hemodynamically stable conditions, cardiac index (CI) measurements were obtained with the MostCare-PRAM and Fick methods.

The researchers observed good agreement for CIFick and CIPRAM in the 40 CI measurements (r² =0.90; P <.001), with a mean bias of −0.075 and a percentage error of 17%. Patients below 20 kg had similar results (r² =0.87; <.001), with a mean bias of −0.135 and percentage error of 17%.

“In pediatric patients undergoing diagnostic right and left heart catheterization, the MostCare-PRAM was shown to estimate CI with a good level of agreement with the Fick method measurement,” the authors wrote.

Disclosures: One author disclosed financial ties to Vygon.


Alonso-Inigo JM, Escriba FJ, Carrasco JI, et al. Measuring cardiac output in children undergoing cardiac catheterization: comparison between the Fick method and PRAM (pressure recording analytical method). Paediatr Anaesth. 2016. doi:10.1111/pan.12997.