Migraine Prevalence Elevated in Patients With Cardiac Syndrome X

HealthDay News – The prevalence of migraine headache is elevated in patients with cardiac syndrome X (CSX) compared to patients with coronary artery disease or healthy controls, according to a research letter published in the May 3 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

In a prospective study, Reza Nemati, MD, from the Bushehr University of Medical Sciences in Iran, and colleagues examined the prevalence of migraine headache in 3 groups: 50 patients with CSX, 50 patients with coronary artery disease, and 50 healthy controls.

Researchers found that the prevalence of migraine was 60%, 16%, and 22% in CSX patients, the coronary artery disease group, and the healthy control group, respectively (P<.0001). In women and men with CSX the frequency of migraine headache was 70.4% and 52.2%, respectively.

“Our study concluded that CSX may presumably be a manifestation of migraine as another migraine equivalent,” the authors wrote. “After the ongoing evidence on the multifaceted pathophysiology of CSX, it became even more clear that there is a need for a pragmatic approach to education and training of medical practitioners in the management of patients, especially in refractory patients using the current treatment.”


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