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Acute Kidney Injury: Cardiorenal Syndromes (acute decompensated heart failure and worsening renal function)

Does this patient have acute decompensated heart failure and worsening renal function? The co-existence of cardiac and renal impairment has been called “Cardiorenal Syndrome (CRS).” Initial attempts at defining CRS described it as a state in which therapy to relieve heart failure symptoms was limited by worsening renal function. However, the bidirectional interplay between these…

Chronic Kidney Disease: Cardiovascular Disease and Dyslipidemia

Does this patient with chronic kidney disease have underlying cardiovascular disease? Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death among adults in both developed and developing countries. In the United States, more than 92 million adults have at least one type of CVD, which accounted for 30.8% of all deaths in 2014. Every year…

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